Material supplier

INPLASTEC offers high-quality standard plastic materials, numerous screen and offset inks and varnishes, and other printing products

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Material Producer

INPLASTEC specializes on treatment of pvc rigid core films in sheets and rolls, presenting the wide spectrum of value-added products

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Solution provider

INPLASTEC provides experienced technological support with LAB service, which is available at all stages of customer interaction

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Converting Partner

INPLASTEC is your converting partner for plastic films – slitting, cutting and individual packaging of your materials are processed

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INPLASTECprovides integrated solutions to plastic cards manufacturers, supplying a vast range of consumable standard and value-added printing and laminating materials, offered in combination with a superior technological service
We focus on the processing sheet polymer materials for printing and laminating processes, offering customized solutions for offset, screen printing, and other printing technologies for the production of plastic cards and other printing products
Providing a wide range of various printing and laminating products, INPLASTEC offers high-quality PC, PVC, PET-G plastic materials for several areas of application, such as plastic card production, PVC printing, offset and screen printing inks and lamination materials

If you want to get more detailed info about company, please request by email: office@inplastec.ch





INPLASTEC specializes on treatment of PVC and PC rigid films in sheets and rolls, presenting the wide spectrum of value-added products, fit for Purpose

Our modern equipment allows us to achieve flexibility and efficiency on a high level at the INPLASTEC converting center

Industrial standards are ensured for all the products, as well as operational procedures, with the latest Quality Assurance approaches supported by EPICOR ERP system

The value-added materials produced at our converting center are developed in collaboration with our partners with the aim of cost and time optimization for our clients


We provide experienced technological support available at all stages of customer interaction. State of the art laboratory service ensures quality properties, and ISO standards for all the supplied materials

INPLASTEC is ready to provide full information and technological support to our partners and customers. Our experts will help in the selection of materials individually for each project and provide recommendations on the best parameters

The newest laboratory and technological equipment allow us to solve various tasks for the efficient materials use, color formulations, incoming inspection of materials and configuration processes


Support of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and providing high quality products are the main priorities of our work. The desire to strictly comply with these parameters encourages us to constantly evaluate the range and quality of the proposed materials, track the latest market trends and the needs of our customers. Ongoing and never-ending Research and Development is our fundamental principle.


Quality Assurance

ISO certified

Consistent approach


Extended Product Line

Constant R&D

Foreseeing Market Expectations


Operational Control

Supply Chain Efficiency

Warehouse capabilities


Custom approach

Any sizes and gauges

Batch size from 5000 Sheets


Reliable suppliers

Collaborative partnerships

Over 10 years in card business